Sunday, June 29, 2008

Lemme Upgrade You

David "Punk" Otunga from I Love New York 2 is dating Oscar winner Jennifer Hudson. How did that happen? Punk went from New York to J. Hud. Talk about an upgrade. I went to to see what I've been missing. The love birds posted comments on each others MySpace pages...crazy right.

I was talking to a friend and in a way they probably make a really good couple. Both have Chicago roots, were on reality shows and are now in the spotlight. Of all the guys that have been on reality dating shows, he would be in my Top 5 good guys. He's smart, handsome and loves his mom.

After seeing the MySpace comments, it looks like Jennifer is going after what she wants. David "Punk" must be attracted to strong women. I'm sure his momma is happy he didn't win I Love New York. I'm sure its hard to get the image of him and New York out of her head. I hope we get to see more of Jennifer & David as couple.