Monday, May 5, 2008

To Be or Not To Be...

The remaining females have to rap Hamlet for director John Singleton. The team captain winners were Nicky2States and Lady Twist. The house is divided because of the Chiba and Byata drama. So when its time to pick teams the selection is down the middle. Lady Twist is trying to be peacemaker but decides to get drunk when no one wants to talk things out. Not a good look laid out on the floor Lady Twist.

The next challenge was for the ladies to come up with a rap and dance. After rehearsal, they head to a warehouse where a group of B-Boys are dancing (Cros1 and Freestyle Session). If you watch the show tonight, check out the dancers. CrisStyles, from the Jabbawockeez, is dancing with the crews. Each team has to perform for the dance crew and the judges. Nicky2States’ team won the challenge. Rece won the keys to the Salt-N-Pepa suite. Lady Twist and
Chiba were in the bottom 2…but it was Lady Twist that was told to step off. Girl, go back to school and get that degree! Next week they shoot music videos.