Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Strong vs. Strong

The girls have to perform their hidden talent for the judges. The winners were Rece (dancing) and Byata (kick boxing). Byata and Ms. Cherry end up with Chiba on there team. Rece and Nicky2States (photo from VH1) team up for the challenge.

Each team had to make a hit pop record. Producer Just Blaze gave them a beat and worked with each of team in the studio. After recording the songs they head over to KDAY 93.5 FM for the songs to get played on the radio. Byata’s team won the challenge. I was surprised but they did have a good hook. Byata won the keys to the Salt-N-Pepa suite. Rece and Nicky2States had to face off at elimination. The ladies have to write a rhyme about their relationship with their father. It was hard having two strong MC's up for elimination. Both did an amazing job…but it was Nicky2States that was told to step off. Only 4 MC’s remain.