Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sneak Peek ANTM: The Final 4

America's Next Top Model sneak preview of episode 12. In the clip below the tables are turned...Whitney is taking pictures of judge Paulina Porizkova.

We are down to the Final 4 models: Whitney, Fatima, Anya and Dominique. Well...looking at the remaining models, I would say Dominique and Whitney are the least likely to win. Dominique just because they are implying that she looks old. That's the same thing they did to Melrose (cycle 7) and Renee (cycle 8). See how that turned out.

Then you have Whitney who is an underdog because she is a plus-size model. After the comments from the last couple of photo shoots she may not be able to wow the judges enough to win. Fatima seems a little flat to me right now. I didn't like her personality or attitude in the begin. Now she is just kinda there. Anya is the clear front runner. Winning some important challenges doesn't hurt. I'm sure Tyra will get her a good voice coach.