Saturday, May 3, 2008

Parents Just Don’t Understand

Ok...I'm really sorry about not posting this sooner. I just kept putting it off. I need more hours in the day or someone that is willing to let their brain cells die watching this show.

The girl’s parents arrive at the house. Yes, they have parents…well, I hope they didn’t rent these parents. The women clean the house before the families arrive. Thing 2 looks just like her mom…so if Flav picked her he defiantly got a glimpse into the future.
Thing 2’s dad is really handsome!! Flav took Sinceer, Thing 2 and their families bowling. He tongued both girls down in front of their parents. Classy!! The next date was Black, Seezinz and her family. They played miniature golf and some how Flav found time to tongue the other girls down. Later that night, the families sit down to dinner with a special guest…Flav’s Mom.

No Family:
Black – Mom’s lawyer advised her not to go because of a custody case. Grandparents are too old to travel.

Crazy Alert:
Sinceer – Daddy drinks as much as she does and the plot to get Thing 2 out of the house.

Thing 2

The remaining 3 girls are heading to France