Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Disco Ball Goes To Kristi

Congrats to Kristi Yamaguchi and her partner Mark Ballas for winning Dancing With The Stars. Kristi is the second woman to win. The final two stars were Kristi and Jason. He will be just fine...Jason recently had lunch with Denzel Washington. Movies would be a good look for Mr. Taylor. If only I could have been there. But I would have to try really hard to look interested in what they had to say. I'm sure Sherri Shepherd's words would be in my head and I would end up calling Jason "Chocolate Drop".

Usher performed Love In This Club and Yeah. Those old women watching at home didn't know what hit them. Maybe we will see Usher dancing on the show in a few years. Until then check out the clips below.

Love In This Club - Usher

Yeah - Usher