Friday, April 25, 2008

Viva Italia!!

The models take over Rome. The challenge was for the girls to dress the part of an Italian woman in Gai Mattiolo clothing. Anya won the challenge and received a dress from the designer. He said she is (add in Italian accent), "So blonde, so skinny, so young, so fresh." Looks like Anya is the one to beat but her accent may hold her back. You know Tyra is looking for someone that knows how to talk. I think it's a good draws you in...right or is it just me?? This week they filmed a CoverGirl commercial in Italian. Fatima pulled off the best commercial.

Whitney and Lauren were in the bottom 2 this week. Whitney was criticized by the panel as being too pageant-like and fake. I have to stand up for Whitney…she is just Southern. I feel her plight as a southern woman. We spend most of our time trying to be perfect and gracious...and it may come off fake to some people. The lines of fake and genuine tend to blur in the South. Ultimately, Lauren was sent home. I forgot she was still on the show even with the cutting her finger thing last week. Anya was voted the CoverGirl of the week. Next week Tyra is the photographer.

Check out this clip of the girls arriving in Rome. Anya had a hard time getting off the bus.