Thursday, April 17, 2008

Top Model Pawn Shop

Would you like a little America's Next Top Model memorabilia from this season?

Claire is selling one of the prizes she won from the posing challenge. If you remember it was the day that Benny Ninja split the girls into teams. Claire's team won some great celebrity swag. of her prizes was a
Kimora Lee Simmon's Diamond Hello Kitty Necklace. The 3 carat diamond necklace must be hard to part with. The ad was posted to Craigslist in March...Not sure if the necklace is still on the market.

Craigslist Ad:
It has a diamond pave and diamond pendant in 18k white gold, with pink sapphires, diamond outline, 3.0 total diamond carat weight, 18" chain in 18K white gold and black diamonds on the chain. The kitty eyes are onyx."

"I would like to sell the necklace to fund the trip to Bora Bora, or start an environmental charity, most likely the latter. The cost is $15,000 USD the story you get to tell for how you attained this gorgeous necklace priceless. If you are a fan and would like some other personal memorabilia thrown in for free let me know."

There are additional photos of the necklace and Claire wearing it in the ad. I really like the idea of the environmental charity. I hope she uses the money for that and not the trip. Maybe she will sell the trip...I'll have to keep an eye out for that.