Monday, April 28, 2008

Mr. Rap Supreme??

This week on Miss Rap Supreme, the ladies had to dress like their favorite male rapper. Nicky2States (as Andre 3000) and Bree (as Easy-E) pulled off the best male impersonations winning the captain spots. I must said that was very funny.

and Byata
start calling each other the devil. Maybe they are both the devil...just killing rap music. The women go to Beverly Hills to hang out with Too Short. They arrive to find themselves in a challenge. Each team had to write a rap that answered Too Short's rhyme. I really enjoyed VH1's explicit lyric disclaimer before the challenge started. It probably needs to show up in a couple different spots throughout the show. Nicky2States team won the challenge and she won the keys to the Salt and Pepa Suite. Back at the house, Nicky has a male servant waiting on her in the suite. She had a good time paddling and making him clean the house.

drops by the house and talks to them. That was random. At elimination, it came down to Lionezz and Bree. But it was Lionezz that had to step off...again.