Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fresh Meat!!

The new girls move into the house...without a warm welcome from Flav's current women. The old girls ban together to try and get the new girls out of the house. The women are asked to put on a Hip Hopera about Flav's life. The winners got a date with him at the race track. The new girls in the house were giving the task of giving out an immunity clock to keep one girl safe from elimination. They chose Thing 2 causing Flav to split the twins for the first time. Now that was smart!! At elimination it gets down to Hotlanta and Prance. It was Prance's "Too hot for TV" rap plus the fact the old girls turned on her...that got her sent home.

Flav's Love Connections (Winners of the date):

Crazy Alert:

Hotlanta - She was drinking the whole time


The New Girls:
Luscious D

What do you think about them?