Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Flav Breaks The Set

Seezinz opted out of the challenge to show Flav that she is there for him by not trying to win the solo date. She didn’t know how smart of a move that was. Special guest Arsenio Hall drops in to host The Neverwed Game challenge. The ladies ex’s come to help Flav make his decision. Thing 1’s ex-boyfriend lets everyone know they had sex with him a week before she came on the show. At the mixer, Thing 2’s ex-boyfriend couldn’t say Flavor Flav. Where do they find these people? Big Rick has to come outside and break up an argument between the twins and Thing 1’s ex. Flav starts crying during elimination because he has to send one of the twins home.

Flav's Love Connections (Winner of the solo date):

Crazy Alert:
Black - Her ex called her a

Thing 1 – No More Threesomes
Prototype – She didn’t want a man the drinks and he wasn’t going to change for her

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