Thursday, April 3, 2008

Another Model Sinks

The models do go-sees in teams. Whitney got good comments from the designers...but she is a plus-size model. They would never book her because they use size 2's. Again...why do they put the plus-size model through this. But she did great and looked at it as an opportunity. My girl Stacy Ann won the go-see challenge for her team (Dominique, Whitney and Claire). They won a Seventeen magazine photo shoot.

Mr. J had the girl taking photos laying in water. Clarie doesn't follow Mr. J's instructions and hits her head...causing her to take a break before doing the shoot. This weeks CoverGirl of the week was Katarzyna. I was surprised...but I wasn't surprised to see Clarie and Lauren in the bottom two. In the end Claire was sent home.

Check out
Saleisha in her My Life As A CoverGirl ad: