Thursday, March 6, 2008

Un-be-weaveable Makeovers

The models go to Wal-mart for their challenge. They had 5 mins to pick out CoverGirl makeup and apply it. Claire won the challenge…her picture will represent CoverGirl on Wal-mart’s website. Fatima seems to be really good at hitting the wrong nerve in people. This time she set off Allison. The girl’s get their makeovers…but Tyra didn’t tell them what they were going to get before hand. The only person that cried was FatimaDRAMA…she was just getting a weave (most of them got weaves). I just want to say I loved Marvita new long mohawk. Elle Macpherson brought her lingerie line for the girls to model in the photo shoot.

At elimination, it came down to Dominique and Allison in the bottom two. This week it was Allison’s time to go home. She was over confident about her modeling skills. Claire was the CoverGirl of the week.