Sunday, March 9, 2008

Omarosa Is Outta There

This week the teams sell art work to raise money for charity. Omarosa and Piers go head to head as the Project Managers for their teams. Funny…they mentioned that this was the same challenge that got Omarosa fired from the Apprentice the first time. Each team selected an artist and put together their galleries. Even with more traffic flowing through the gallery and a lower price point on the art, Team Empresario couldn’t close on the sells. Piers got his big donors in to buy art and Carol even got one of Stephen’s contacts to buy from Team Hydra.

Back in the boardroom, it was a massacre. Team Hydra made $164,000.00 (14 out 20 pieces sold) while Team Empresario only made $7,000.00 (3 out of 16 pieces sold). Biggest win in Apprentice history. Piers wanted Trump to fire Omarosa and Stephen. This win earned Piers $51,300.00 for his charity (Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund) and put someone on Team Empresario up for elimination. Trump gets Omarosa talking about Piers. She tells Trump the Piers is gay…then he calls Piers back to the boardroom to defend himself. When he gets there…Piers walks in and kisses Trace on the cheek and walks out. Trace was pissed that he was included in the mess…Trump then explains it was a joke. But Omarosa couldn’t talk her way out of being fired this week. She is fired without winning as PM for any of the challenges. She was playing for Positive Vibrations Youth Mentoring Program.