Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Greek: an equal opportunity series

Last night was the return of ABC Family's Greek. I don't know how the world feels about this show because I'm Greek life alum and the only people I know that watch it are also Greek. I watched the first season, mainly to critique their portrayal of the love-hate relationship all Greeks have with the system. Truth be told, it's not a horrible portrayal. More often than not, it is pretty accurate. However, I realize that this school is in the Midwest- so was mine, and that may be a big similarity in itself. The Zeta Beta Zeta's and their entire situation is pretty similar to the sororities that I know and my own fraternity is a medium between the show's two rival fraternities. But enough about me.

The unique thing this show has going for it is the gay frat boy subplot. Yes, it's kind of predictable, but it centers around one of the only gay, black, masculine characters on television. That doesn't happen, especially outside of premium channels. I pretty much watch just to see his character exist on a TV screen. Last season he was outed, and turned in his pledge pin after his brothers gave him the silent treatment. This season/semester his big brother is working to resolve the issue. So if you want me to recap this show, drop a comment. Until then you can catch new episodes Monday nights at 8/7 central on ABC Family.