Monday, March 17, 2008

Flav Wants A Total Package

Myammee shows up to Flav’s room in a bikini to get some one on one time. Bunz is having problems at home (bills coming in and she needs someone to look after her kids). Rayna calls the house and tells Seezinz that she is mad and Flav better watch his grill. Doesn't she have better things to do. Flav gives puts the girls thru a Total Package challenge:

Class – Thing 1&2 vs. Hotlanta (Eating expensive gourmet food - ex. Brains) – Thing 1&2 Win
Hotter – Myammee vs. Bunz (Hottest body temperature after workout) – Myammee Wins
Fastest Momma – Seezinz vs. Prancer (Dress a fake kid and get him to the bus stop) – Prancer Wins
Spiritual – Thing 1 & 2 vs. Mymee (Preach to a choir) – Myammee Wins
Luckier – Shy vs. Sinceer (Game of Blackjack) - Shy Wins
Smarter – Prancer vs. Shy (Explain how the sun works to Flav) – Prancer Wins
Save Flav – Prancer vs. Myammee (Save a Flav mannequin in the pool) - Prancer wins solo date.

Bunz said that it was just a game and her kids are more important…the other girls didn’t have a problem telling Flav about it. Someone calls the house and said that Myammee owes him $1000.00. Shy and Myammee argue about the mystery phone call. Flav has a talk with Bunz and Myammee…but he doesn’t get all the answers he was hoping for.

Flav's Love Connections (Winner of the date):

Crazy Alert:

  • Rayna – And she isn’t even in the house.

Bad Breath Alert:

  • Shy – Flav told her she must have a bad tooth or something...and it needs to be corrected.


  • Myammee
  • Bunz – Flav wanted her to go home and take care of her kids