Friday, March 28, 2008

America's BEST Dance Crew!... until August?

Last night was the live season finale of Randy Jackson Presents America's Best Dance Crew. As we all know Status Quo and JabbaWockeeZ made it as the top two, but to fill out the hour-long time slot, all the other top crews were invited back to rep' their regions in a collaborated performance. I liked all the performances. For a finale, it was a good show. It was almost magical (for me) to see "Kaba-Jabba-Fysh" on stage together, especially since they were my favorites. Live In Color worked it out with Enigma Dance Kru with a Southern drum line theme. It reminded me how good the girl from Enigma was. She kept up with Live and that impressed me. Durty South, rep' it proud! Status Quo and Iconic had a paparazzi-club theme, and I really liked it. Great stunts and a cute finish. What tripped me out the most was BreakSk8 and Femme 5 performing to Huey's "Pop, Lock, and Drop It." I know it had to be a little nerve wrecking having having people on and off skates together, but Femme 5 shined during the performance. Even though my friend called it ho-ish, I'm not mad at them. Get it girls! Before they announced the winner, Status and Jabba danced in a stepping routine together. If it was a battle, I would have gave it to Jabba because their taunt was better.

After a 5 minute silence and praises from the judges, JabbaWockeeZ won! They got the title. They deserve the title. It's that simple. Afterwards, Jabba performed again with their masks off and curtain-call bowed together. If I was in the audience, I would have cried. But I was at home eating cupcakes and mean-mugging the sudden snow storm outside. The next season will start in early June, I believe Mario said June 7th. That's kind of fast in TV time, right? Check for audition dates. Also go online to post your audition video or vote for some one else's video. As for YouTube that Shit awards, watch the whole episode- it's worth watching. Once again, good luck to all the crews. I hope to see more of them in the future. Next season has some big sneakers to fill.