Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Wig Snatched Off BET Model Wannabe

BET Rip The Runway model hopeful, Bobbi Jo Kitchen, quit the show after removing her wig on the Model Search Special. Bobbi Jo was called "The Professional" out of the models selected for the makeover show. She has modeling experience and has been featured in music videos before getting selected for Rip The Runway Show. You would think the extra publicity would be a good thing for an aspiring actress with an agent and an assistant.

But things soon changed when the hair stylist reached for Bobbi Jo's hair. Bobbi Jo had no choice but to remove the short cut wig on camera. During the makeover Bobbi Jo couldn't hold back the tears as the stylists started working on her hair. An inside source told Spoil The Ending that Bobbi Jo was so distraught by the wig removal that she had to leave the show.

There is NO WAY...I would've taken my wig off on national TV...hell-ta-the-naw!!! They would've been STOPPING those cameras. But if know I was getting a makeover that day...I wouldn't have wore a wig in the first place. After going through all that on camera....she should have stayed on the show and worked that runway. I know the girl that replaced her was happy!!!

RIP THE RUNWAY: Model Search (reairs) THURSDAY, FEB. 28th @ 10 PM (ET/PT)