Thursday, February 21, 2008

The New Models Are Here

The first episode of America's Next Top Model introduced us to the newest models to rock the runway. They took 30 model wannabes to school. After class photos they were schooled on their runway..well hallway...walks. You can't be in school without a pep rally. A few familiar faces (Furonda cycle 6, Michelle & Amanda cycle 7, Jael cycle 8, Joanie cycle 6) where there to cheer on the new girls. Of course, Tyra was the Homecoming Queen.

While waiting for the judges to make the first cut the girls argued, almost had a fight, then made up and cried. They cut the models down to 20. The remaining girls did a photo shoot to help the judges decide. The model's were suppose to be cut down to 13, but Tyra wanted one more girl. So...14 lucky ladies will move into a New York apartment. You know the other girls felt like they got cut twice.

Allison Kuehn
Amis Jenkins
Anya Kop
Claire Unabia
Fatima Siad
Lauren Utter
Stacy Ann Fequiere
Whitney Thompson