Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Deelishis Got Her Groove Back?

London "DEELISHIS" Charles (Chandra Davis) has been busy since her time as Flavor Flav's girlfriend. She has started a denim line, released a single off her CD and showed off her "assets" for numerous men's magazines. She recently posted an explanation of why her and Flav are no longer together.

Deelishis talking about Flav: "No I did not leave Flav to sell blue jeans, I didn't leave Flav at all. Honestly William Drayden and I were never really a couple, for the day I won, inevitably was the day I loss."

Deelishis talking about her new man:
"HE AINT GAY, he aint got a GAY bone in his body."

The top photo is from the March issue of Sister 2 Sister magazine where Deelishis and her new man grace the cover.

Do you see anything that looks similar?

Photos: Terry McMillan & Jonathan Plummer
Star Jones & Al Reynolds