Monday, December 3, 2007

Star's Judging the Runway

Episode 2 - The challenge is to create a 2 piece look for Sarah Jessica Parker’s clothing line Bitten. The outfit has to retail for less then $40.00 and they have a budget $15.00. Each designer presents their sketch to Sarah. She picked 7 designs…which mean its time to team up. Elise (the crazy one) spit marks her fabric and hand stitches everything (So you know her partner was freaked out). I wouldn't want clothes that were spit marked. The winner was Victorya and the outfit will be for sell at Steve & Barry’s. Marion is the one that is out. His dress looked like a Pocahontas costume.

Episode 3 - The next challenge is to design an outfit for Tiki Barber to wear on the Today Show. Most of the designers are having a hard time because its Men’s Wear. Jake takes his shorts off, rips them apart and uses them as a pattern. A couple of the other designers ask if they can use them as well. So you know people were a little upset. But he did ask Tim if he could use what he was wearing. Everyone is stressed out about the time….then the male models arrive. Happy times for the ladies and some of the guys.

After the models leave some of the designers have to start over. Tim comes in with Ginny Barber (Tiki’s wife) to critic their work. A lot of the designers have to rethink their direction. The winner of the challenge was Jack. Good thing he only made 2 pieces. Carmen is the one going home this time (her model was topless…good thing it was a guy). I was hoping she would stay around longer…to truly see her style. Can't wait to see who else will be judging the runway.