Friday, November 2, 2007

Please Tila don't hurt'em

Tila’s has a battle of the sexes to win a Heaven or Hell date. The girls and guys had to: Inflate blow up dolls, run through tires, crawl under a net, and jump over a wall & slide into a small pool. The girls won and choose the Heaven date with Tila. The guys referred to the women as being He-she’s and said that since they are lesbians it was like competing with men anyway. Way to justify losing to women.

The girls get angel outfits to wear and head to a location that was very familiar. It was the same house the Real Estate guy showed Kimora Lee on her show (Keepin' it Real Estate - Episode #105). Good thing she didn’t get that house. Each girl got to spend 7 minutes in Heaven with Tila…will all but Brandi. On her way to get alone time she stepped on a lizard and Tila didn’t want to spend time with her. The guys went to Hell…where Tila had a dominatrix room. After spanking, tickling and whipping the guys…Tila had some time with Ashley. He told her that he was in love with her but she felt like something was off.

The next day, Tila let all the contestants give her a massage to win alone time. The massages turned into more licking and groping than anything else. Brandi and Ryan win the challenge and get some time in the pool with Tila. Everyone in the house feels like they have something with Tila, but 2 people must go home. Eliminated this week: Sarah and Ashley…wait I promised you a fight. Ashley tells everyone how he feels about them. He calls Steven a snake in the grass, Bobby a frat boy, Domenico a pervert (that’s probably true) and that the girls are confused. Then Ashley starts fighting with Bobby and everyone jumps in to break it up. The producers finally get him out of the house...just to have him beating on the door calling Tila’s name. No one could find Bobby in the house…he was outside hurt and had to goes to the hospital. Well at least he got some alone time with Tila.