Friday, November 23, 2007

Interns are suppose to WORK

For some reason the interns don't get work at an internship. Tationna is not pulling her weight building the house. She is doing her best Paris Hilton impersonation...but I think Paris would have worked hardier. Stop being a Diva! The next thing you know, Tationna is crying because she has to do landscaping. She is making it all about her when it should be about the family that needs a home. Get over yourself. Lonnie is back at the house sleep. Finally, Tationna gets her mind right and comes back to work. Dr. Ian sends the interns an email to let them know it’s time for evaluations. He tells them how it is…from the way they are dress to how they act in the house. He ask Jenna about her revealing top and Spencer about his bright pimp suits. All the interns are scared of being sent home. Unfortunately, they are dragging this out for another week. They really need to cut the cancer!