Thursday, November 1, 2007

Gotti Knows Best

Time for Lloyd's new album to drop and there's competition on the charts. Irv is also spending some time with the family. Sonny, Irv's oldest son, is playing football and Daddy's is coaching from the sidelines. He keeps telling the boys to man up and the kids are acting scared of him. Deb and Irv try to talk about the situation but he will have talk to the kids when he gets back. Irv has to go to LA for the Lloyd video shoot. While at home, Deb is letting the kids know that its OK for a man to cry. The kids also have a chance to vent about Dad.

Irv does a King Magazine (The best men's magazine out there...pick it up!!) shoot and tells Datwon, KING’s
Editorial Director, what's going down with him and Murder Inc. Lloyd's numbers come in and he is #2 on the charts. It's a Hot Album...Irv got a hit! Once he is home with the boy's, he has a talk with them. I hope the kids understand where he is coming from. I must say...Irv is a good dad.