Thursday, November 29, 2007

Dry your panties with a hairdryer

The models are in Shanghai and it’s time for go-sees. The girls are sent out with new portfolios, driver, translator and a map. You would think they would have it easy but the translators have to stay with the car. So we still get to see them run around the city lost (especially Heather). Chantal shows up to one of the go-sees with bright pink underwear…not good when you are wearing a shear outfit. Saleisha and Bianca end up at the same designer showroom. Bianca asks her where the next designer’s showroom is…Saleisha lies and says she doesn’t know even though she just came from there. Turns out it was just upstairs. The competition is heating up...every model for herself. Heather spends most of her time wondering around in the streets lost. She only makes it to one go-see. The first to make it back was Saleisha. Then Bianca comes in right before the time is up. The rest of the girls are disqualified. The winner of the go-see challenge was Bianca. Her picture was revealed on a floating billboard ad for the Olympics. The photo shoot is with Nigel and the models have to stand out in the crowd. During judging, Ms. J got on Chantal for not having flesh tone underwear. He told her to wash them in the sink and use a hairdryer. They also got on Jenah about her sarcastic sense of humor. She better humble herself quick. Only four girls will go to Beijing…It comes down to Jenah & Heather. Even though she has been the fan pick for most of the show…Heather is sent home. They are getting close to the end of the show and she still can’t was her time. She will make a great print model and one day if she keeps working on it her runway will get better.

Next week – Bianca takes a page from Saleisha’s book during the challenge and Tyra is doing the photo shoot of the girls.