Sunday, November 11, 2007

Do You Think Your Ricky Martin??

Back to back episodes of Making Menudo today. Group 3 (Hansel, Eric and Carlos "Pena") start preparing for their live performance. The time for hanging out is over for the rest of the house. Everyone in working out and doing vocal training. David Coury, vocal coach, isn't giving the wannabe pop stars any slack. Hansel causes his group to be late for a vocal rehearsal. David calls them out on being late and not getting the notes right. No Excuses...your not in the group...and you're not Ricky Martin. The other guys get a little time to relax, JC decides to spending his extra time practicing. SMART!! David has a one on one with Pena about his feelings. After the live performance...the comments from the judges were not good and to make it worse some girls in the crowd were watching JC...and he wasn't performing. In the end, Pena gets to go back in the mix, Hansel and Eric are both out. Johnny then ask JC to join the group because he stepped up.

Once they get back to the house, some of the guys have a problem with JC getting in the group so soon. The next 3 guys up are Jose, Henry and Thomas. They will perform "I Want It That Way" by the Backstreet Boys. Vocal training seemed to go good for group 4. Jose is not keeping up during the workouts. Better not let Johnny see you. Jose is still complaining during practice and David has a talk with Johnny. Thomas and Henry decide to work on the song, but Jose don't want to get up and work with them. LAZY!!

During the morning rehearsal, Thomas calls out Jose for not working with the group. David goes off on Jose about not having his recorder and not working hard. Jose starts crying...maybe he will wake up now. This time Thomas and Henry are out and Jose is invited to join the group...a lot of tears for the other guys. Jose better get it together...QUICK!!