Friday, November 30, 2007

Class of 2007

Katie & Josh drop in for a surprise visit while looking for their new apartment in New York City. Yes...they drop the bombshell that they are moving in together. They all go out for a nice dinner…Yeah right...mistake. At dinner Tara and Josh get into and argument after he makes a commit about drinking around her. Josh ends up walking out and Tara starts crying. Saw that coming! Rachel gets to walk in her first runway show during Fashion Week. She is nervous about walking since her fall at Miss Universe. The fashion show goes well and she had all her roommates (and Tara) there to cheer her on. Tara decides she needs to leave the organization. Tara tells the girls that she is moving on with her career. I’m sure Rachel is happy inside. Tara meets with Trump before leaving. Now the girls feel more like their year has started.