Saturday, October 13, 2007

Zaphod Tries To Get His Groove Back


Meerkat Manor is so dramatic. Two episodes ago poor Whiskers dominant female, Flower was bitten by a cobra while saving her babies. That night, the wold witnessed her untimely death and mourned like she was Tupac. Her widower Zaphod was left to help their children continue the legacy of being the biggest meerkat crew in the Kalahari.

Being that all of the females left in the Whiskers family are his daughters, Zaphod had no use being around so he left. It was a sad departure but as it turned out he liked it. No more breaking up fights, chasing off triflin' males and watching bad ass kids. Ah yes, Zaphod was back to mack. While making his way across the land, he came across the Zappa group and caught the eye of one of the more less confident females. Before he could hit it though, the males in the group caught him and chased him off. That night Zaphod went to bed in a hole somewhere with meerkat blue balls and in the depths of a meerkat midlife crisis.