Saturday, October 27, 2007

Welcome to Miami!

Johnny Wright is ready to whip the guys into shape. They skipped all the auditions and go straight to the 15 finalist moving into a Penthouse suite. The twist to this show is that one group each week will practice and perform Menudo-ized pop songs in front of a live audience. After the performance someone will be eliminated. But if someone blows Johnny away with their talent, that person will get an invitation to be in band.

It’s kinda messed up that the other guys are chillin’…while the first group is working. The coaches are not taking easy on the kids. I guess the child labor laws are less strict in Florida. I really hate when they force conversations between the contestants (this show has a lot of them). It reminds me of the dance show that MTV had – Dancelife.

Monti is asked to be the first member of Menudo, just to find out his spot isn’t safe and he can be replaced. Johnny tells Antony that he is going back in the house to try again. J.G. is sent home (talk about killing a kids spirit…little dude was crying his eyes out). I hope this show don’t mess up the thirty year legacy of Menudo. I would hate to be the person that ended the group.