Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Mo Money, Mo Money, Mo Money

Tailor Made starts stirring up the pot by putting the guys against each other. Buddha, Wolf, Punk, 20 pack, Pretty and The Entertainer decide to play a joke on the other guys in the house (trying to get back at Tailor Made). So they set up a fake challenge. They go in the house and wake up all the guys then they go outside to see who the last man standing will be to win breakfast with New York. After standing up all night, IT and Tailor Made are awaken by New York who informed them there wasn’t a challenge.

The real challenge was that morning for the groups to help New York build her empire. About Time!! The winning team gets a date (1 person gets a solo date and the other 2 share a date). The guys were broken up into groups of 3.

*Group 1- Cheesy, IT & Tailor Made
Idea: New York as the new Foxy Brown on the Big Screen. IT wanted to do New York branded home AIDS test. Hummm…it seems like a good fit.

*Group 2- Wolf, Buddha & 20 pack
Idea: New York iPod

*Group 3- Man Man, Midget Mac & The Entertainer
Idea: New York perfume. They had a bottle of liquor dressed up with a red cape…very Superman like.

*Group 4-Punk, Pretty & Mr. Wise
Idea: New York clothing line. I think they had way too much fun playing dress up with the New York poster.

The winning group was Group 1 with Tailor Made getting the solo date. Cheezy was mad because he did most of the work. He lets Tailor Made know he wants to talk with New York about it. So, she agrees to go out with Cheezy. Tailor Made decides to talk to New York and take the date back. New York said she wants to go out with the one see would like to…you know. She gives him a chain at dinner as he declares his love for her. Cheezy is at the house getting more upset as the night went on. The next day IT and Cheezy get there chance for some alone time. They get a sexy private photo shoot with New York. When New York gets home from the date…The Entertainer is waiting in her bathtub. He started sucking her toes...I’m going to be sick. Tailor Made tries to get The Entertainer out of the house by talking with New York.

During the elimination, Sister Patterson goes off on The Entertainer calling him all kinds of a FREAK! New York eliminates Cheezy and Man Man. Saw that coming. Next week it hits the fan…flashback to Pumpkin on Flavor of Love.