Saturday, October 20, 2007

Mayhem before the move

Last week we left Tila at the pool with her group of guys and girls. Now that she has let them in on her secret, its time for the competition to get started. Of course, the guys were the first ones start fighting, Marcus (laughs like a hyena) and Ashley (the cowboy or big country…he won the fight). While they were fighting, Tila was making out with Rebecca. During all the drama with the fight, Lala (black girl with the bright red hair) can’t handle all the testosterone and quits the show.

Then it was time for the contestants to show off their skills. The guys had to walk in high heels (some of them have done this before). The girls had to do push-ups in here bikinis (which the guys liked too much). In order to get alone time with Tila, everyone had to jump into foam and find a poker chip. The 3 luck people were Eric, Rebecca and Eddie (the virgin).

In the end 4 had to leave the house: Eddie (just to shy for Tila), Grace, Steffanie and Marcus (hit one of the girls on the butt…he needed to GO!). Some of these guys were really trying to hit on the lesbians. They don’t have that much game. It’s too easy for these guys to get played. But who knows what will happen after being trapped in the house together for to long.

The remaining contestants move into the house next week…one bed…one big mess.