Tuesday, October 16, 2007

I Love New York 2 (dumb broad)

I watched I Love New York 2 yesterday and the three lucky, oops I mean, unlucky dudes that got the boot was Unsure, Yours and Knock Out. OK, people. Here is my views.

: Yeah, he needed to leave. He acted weak the whole show. He whining about people telling on him and talking behind his back. DUH! It's a competition, don't give anyone the fuel to get you kicked off and don't tell New York you want to leave, Cause you going going gone baby. He seemed like he was probably there to look at the guys anyway.

Knock Out: I can see why she would want to get rid of him. He was a little too showy and wanted to flex his muscles and pump his testosterone too much. I would get tired his mouth too. I couldn't understand a word he was saying. Thank God for captions!

OK, this is a nice looking brother and he has money. He did sleep too much and didn't show New York any attention. So I agree with her choice to kick him out. The show is to win New York's affection, not to go on a vacation. BUT, I would have kept his sleeping lion ass before I would have kept IT's. It was sure entertaining to see Yours act a fool over leaving. I guess that bed was a sleep number.

Here's my
opinion on that: She must being keeping IT for comic relief. That is one nasty mofo. He is a liar, a cheat (stole Tailor Made's flowers) and he tried to shove his orange juice coated tongue down NY's throat. She said she didn't like that, but she kept him. HMMMM? He would have got the boot from me on day one, when I couldn't make out one word he said and the facial expressions. At least, Yours has money.