Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I didn't know I had to do stuff to be an Intern...

College Hill Interns is a mix of Real World and The Apprentice.

Part 1 - The 10 college students arrive in Chicago to start their internship. Some showed up ready to interview while other showed up looking crazy. Dr. Ian comes in to let them know that the show is a competition. Interns will be eliminated after the challenges. The house is has everything…lucky for Marc, he is in the room with the girls. First night in the house they are out the door to explore the nightlife. They end up at a bowling/bar and have a little competition between the sexes. Feeling good…they move the party to the club. Jenna and Marc start getting closer (good thing they are in the same room).

Part 2 – The interns get their first challenge. They are split into groups for a little team building. The blue team (Ivy, Lonnie, Letia, Maurice & Kasheef) wins a $500.00 gift card. While at the mall, Maurice decides to spoil Tationna and buy her a shirt with his money (stupid). Kathy comes out the closet to the roommates (it was only a matter of time). Jenna and Mark are flirting but the boys want a Guy’s Night Out. The girls are already staking claim on these dudes and want them to stay. Once they get home, Kasheef is so drunk from the club, the other guys leave him on the bathroom floor. Knowing they have meeting with Dr. Ian the next day (real smart dude).