Sunday, October 21, 2007

Heaven or Hell

I was hoping this show would lead to happy memories of Salt-N-Pepa. This is not the show I was wanting to see. Pepa is ready to get back in the industry and start doing shows again. Salt is active in the church and keeps saying she doesn't need the headache. If that was true...why do the show?

Salt feels like she should help Pepa because of the way things ending back in the day. Pepa thinks Salt owes her this second chance. Funny...Spin is doing her thing without both of them. During the fir
st episode, Salt and Pepa decide to do a song at a party but things had to be different. Salt refused to do some of the old songs but would do "Whatta Man". Pepa thinks it's still cool for her to drop to her knees and put her head in a man's crouch. Not a good idea.

The show gets cancelled but Salt wants them to perform at her church instead. There had to be a few changes to the lyrics and the stage show. Even in a church Pepa tries to do a sexy wiggle on stage...half way down Salt stops her. At least the crowd got a good laugh.

I really hate that Pepa looks like a middle-aged, over-sexed hoochie mama. And what's up with the nose Pepa. Then they have Salt sounding preachy and self-absorbed. There are still a lot of resolved issues between the ladies. Maybe they can work thinks out before the show ends.