Thursday, October 11, 2007

Bald is in fashion

Last night the tears were flowing for our mean girl of the show Bianca. Her hair was so damaged that they cut all her hair off. They gave her a blond wig…but she looked better without it. Ebony was looking like she had been snatched up by the roots when they took her weave out…but the new weave isn’t helping her in front of the judges. Majority of the girls loved their new high fashion looks…But when it was time for the photo shoot most of them fell flat. After telling herself and others she wouldn’t end up in the bottom 2, Saleisha found herself in the bottom with Victoria (she always talked back to Twiggy). In the end Victoria’s bad attitude sent her home.

Note to future models: Don’t piss off the judges! You don’t know what they know. If you did you would be a working model and not on their show.

Next week more tears when the fear of heights kick in.